Monday, July 17, 2006

The Father opens a door

Silvana saw the Father this morning. He had His hand on a door to open it. On the other side of the door were many people, trying to hold the door shut. She said that the Father gave a great pull and the people went flying and the door flew open. As we were waiting on the Father, we asked Him, "What does this mean?" I heard His reply: "It means FREEDOM", He said with emphasis. Although there are those who are resisting freedom and democracy in the world, and particularly in the Middle East, they will not prevail, for the Father will prevail.

The Father told Silvana for us to take the rock that represents Iran (that the Father told us to put before Jesus in the past - click here to see picture and here) and to split it apart into two pieces. He said that this was to represent separating the Iranian people from their government, a government that brings harm to them. It is as though it is a separation of tares and wheat. Doug and Therese Cooper took the rock to separate it. As they took it out to the driveway, I saw Jesus with a sword in His hand. He raised the sword and brought it down on the rock right down the middle and split it in half. When Doug went to separate it, he said that it went easily into two equal pieces.

Pray for the Iranian people to get freedom. Pray for the Lebanese people to be restored to freedom. Pray for Israel. And look up, for events on earth are leading to Jesus' soon return.

Would you like to help OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES? Felicia and Dana and Emily are helping us by stringing pictures of Jesus. We mail them the pictures and the string and then they mail the strung pictures back. If you have time and the willingness to string pictures, please let us know and we will send some to you, so you can join us in preparing the free pictures of Jesus to give all over the world. Of course you should keep some to give out in your neighborhood. It is the stringing that slows us down the most as we get the packages ready, but it is too valuable for people to be able to put Jesus' picture on, and be with Him, so we just do the best we can to string as quickly as possible. Emily has stringing parties and invites her friends. We take pictures with us to string whenever we go to town, but we usually end up giving them all away to people we meet. When Brother Nelson was here from Pakistan he strung many pictures for us. When he left I offered to give him the ones he had strung (along with the 5000+ that he was taking) but he said, "With my own hands I prepared those for others. I could take them all, but I want others to receive them." When we sent a package to Botswana, Africa recently with 2000 pictures, we had a package of strung pictures that Felicia had just sent to us. She provided half of what we sent to that Pastor. Thank you, Felicia, and God bless you.