Friday, July 21, 2006

A question from the Holy Spirit

In the last few days, the Holy Spirit asked a question for all of us: "What is the difference between the relationship with God that Abraham had and the relationship with God that the church teaches?" The Holy Spirit has said repeatedly that He wants to have a relationship with each believer such as Abraham had with Him, and He has criticized the church for their lack of love and for not teaching the lambs to know Jesus. Since He is asking us to know Him as Abraham did, what difference do you see from what Abraham had and what the church offers and teaches? (Note: don't think of Abraham as though he was "special" for that is not the case. Abraham was a servant of God, human, just as we are, with his sins and faults, yet with love and trust for the Father.)

Deep thanks to Mary and Dinna and Yvonne who are joining Felicia and Dana in helping us string the free pictures of Jesus. Also, sometimes the people to whom we are sending larger packages of pictures agree to help string them. For instance, we sent 1000 pictures to Kenneth Ezra's cousin, Rose, in Entebbe, Uganda (200 strung and 800 unstrung) because she was willing to finish adding the string. We also sent another 5000 pictures to Kenneth Ezra with string for him to add, to pass out all over in Kampala, Uganda and other places throughout that nation.

Felicia was praying about what Silvana saw when she saw the Father with a watering can, watering freedom, in one hand and a flaming sword in the other. As she was praying, Felicia saw the Father with the sword on fire in His hand, and then she saw a row of heads, and the Father swung the sword (almost like swinging a baseball bat) and cut off the row of heads. She said that the heads seemed to be of powerful beings, such as strongmen or strongholds, or humans in powerful places.