Saturday, March 11, 2006

Closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics 2006 and more

I had a very powerful dream last night. I dreamt that there were nuclear missiles whizzing around and we were trying to see what we could do to stop them. Nations were getting jumping and we kept sending cables that it was okay for the moment, and then another one would pass by and we would try and stop it. To stand up against the nuclear missiles was suicide, but it would save the lives of others. I dreamt of steel arrows that Satan would shoot into anyone who moved, who was doing anything that was right or good. I tried to step out and a steel arrow went through my leg to pin me down. I pulled it out and tried to reach out and an arrow pierced my arm, to pin me down.When I woke up the Holy Spirit said that the times are serious and the war against Satan is fully engaged.

I tried to make a tv show about the things that the Father has been showing lately (particularly about Rwanda, but also about the Olympics closing cermemony and about mankind being deaf) and the microphone wouldn't work, and the lights didn't work right, so it didn't come out well. We can only borrow the cameras at certain times. We need a tv camera or a good camcorder that uses mini-dvs. Will you ask the Father to provide those for us? While you praying for that, please pray for John Foshee to get a new computer. He can buy one at Wal-mart for $500, but he only has $135 for it so far, and no income, except for a very small one that he uses to care for his grandchildren. Contact us if you want to help him out, and you know that we always need your help to go on with the work we are doing for Jesus, especially as we process the 90,000 pictures of Jesus. We want to order 90,000 more pictures as soon as we can. The Holy Spirit told us to process 1000 a day, three times a week, and we are doing that. It takes a fair amount of concentration and work, but we rejoice in this service to Jesus. Your help is always appreciated and needed.

The Father said that He would be at the Winter Olympics 2006, and why wouldn't He be, considering they were being held at the City of Turin, Italy, where the Shroud of Turin is kept? All the nations gathered before Him, and He honored two who had recently chosen government leaders who want to ally with America (also among the top three nations) in the war on evil. The closing ceremonies were inspired by Him. (Get a copy of them from a movie store if you can. We have them recorded and maybe we could make a copy for you if you can't find them anywhere else.) The theme was: THE PASSION IS HERE, and yes it is there, in the Shroud of Turin, which was around Jesus' body when He brought Himself back to life, as illustrated by THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. To show the future, at the ceremony they had 400 brides (400 is the number for the whole world - the 4 corners of the earth) carrying lamps, shaped like lilies, which the Father was using to show the times: the bride from all over the earth needs to make herself ready: does she hear Jesus voice and is she doing His will? They had a wind machine, which would lift a person (or two) up as though they were flying: this represents following the Holy Spirit. Italy was to represent us (remnant - believers) because they have the Shroud there, and because they are patriotic. They won the final medal, a gold medal. They won five gold medals (five being the remnant) out of a total of eleven (11 being the hour - the 11th hour - war) and the man who won the gold medal received it around his neck by his sister, who was on the committee to award it, because she was a prior medal winner. The Father said that this represents the rising up of those who follow in our footsteps: people in the world that we give pictures of Jesus to, now it it their turn to stand for Him. He will move among them by His Holy Spirit, who will lead them in our footsteps, which is of love and service to Jesus. A nine year old girl (nine is the number of fruit for Jesus, just as we got 90,000 pictures of Jesus recently) sang the Italian nationaly anthem at the beginning of the Olympics. To illustrate the theme (THE PASSION IS HERE) they had skaters in red, with flames coming out behind them. We are all covered in blood, and shouldn't we have flames, as we show the presence of the Holy Spirit by what we say and do, led by Him? I asked the Father about the clown theme that they used throughout the ceremony (clown noses for the athletes etc.) It seemed so silly, but fun. He told me that the theme of clowns is like clowns at a rodeo. Something serious is happening (the war: in the rodeo it is sometimes that a bullrider or other athlete is being attacked by the animal) and the clowns are a relief to so much serious fighting and standing. You watch them with the Holy Spirit. We would be happy to hear anything He says to you.