Saturday, March 11, 2006

A brief closing ceremonies video and "the coin"

Here is a brief video of the closing ceremonies, which show the skaters in red and a quick glimpse (towards the end) of the brides:

Also, the next Winter Olympics in 2010 are in Canada. They had three native Canadian Americans who were welcoming people to come to Canada for the next Winter Games. The man who was giving the invitation held up a coin, and said that one was given to every person in the audience. After he did this, Jesus spoke to me. First, He reminded me that I found an old coin when I was a child. It was very old and my father sold it because he needed the money. (14 kids!) Jesus reminded me of finding that coin and He told me that the coin represents each person, just as it did in the parable of Jesus seeking the lost coin. He loves each one of us. The coin was to represent at the Olympics, the love of the Father for each human and the restoration of the world - full of individuals who are loved - to the Father. After Jesus told me this, I went out of my room where I was watching the ceremonies, and there on my counter was a gold coin. I have no idea how it got there. I know it belongs to Jordan because his friend Miss Barbara gave it to him a long time ago, but I hadn't seen it in a long, long time, and I don't know how it got to our house. It has three rings on it (like the Olympics rings, only three rather than five) and it says, "God is faithful". It also said, I Corinthians 10:13 - which is: No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. The whole world is facing a temptation, but God will help us as we look to Him.

A few weeks later, as we have been looking into what happened in Rwanda in 1994, Jesus reminded me of what happened on November 10, 1994. November 10th is the anniversary of the forty day fast that the Father called His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, and I to do in 1989, which we did and were greatly opposed in doing so. On that day, six years later, the angel Gabriel came to our house. Silvana saw him first. He stood by her and she reached out touched him. She said that he was not standing on anything in the natural realm, but he stood on solid ground in the real world, the spiritual world. His feet went through the floor. She said he had wings; soft and beautiful. She put her hand on him and she could feel his wings. He said he had something for us, and he was going to put it on me first so he told me to kneel down and I did. He put around my neck something that looked like a gold necklace with a medallion on it. Then, he put one around Silvana's neck and then he left. We did not know what this meant, but it was holy to have a visit from this honored angel of God. Well, as we were looking into Rwanda, Jesus reminded me of the medallion, and He showed me that it was a coin. This was in Novemeber 1994, just a few months after the 100 days of murder in Rwanda, where the Hutus rose up by Satan's leading and murdered close to a million people, many of whom were hacked to death with machetes. The coin on the necklace from Gabriel was to represent each person who was murdered there, and indeed each person on earth, that faces suffering and death now, because we are at war with a mass murdered. He has killed his millions, and the prophet Silvana said yesterday that he desires to kill his billions.

I had the vision of Satan facing the earth with a malevolent look on his face, desiring to do to the earth what he did in Rwanda, and it is serious. We face deadly peril, especially from nuclear, biological, chemical weapons. Before I post about the wrath of the Father (especially about what happened in Rwanda and the indifference and inaction of the world) I post now about the coin, to remind us all that this is how we are viewed by the Father above all else: with tender love, for each of us. We are safe. We have eternity with Him and we know it. What about the coins in your neighborhood? How can you remind them that Jesus loves them? Do they have a free picture of Jesus? Have they seen THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST? Reach out with love, before the Father's judgment comes and before Jesus calls us away.

The coin, the Olympics being at Turin, are signs from God. No, they are not in the Bible. The Jews in Jesus' day had the Old Testament, so they rejected Jesus when He came, even as the New Testament was happening right before their eyes. Many people today are blind to what the Father is doing, because they have the Old and the New Testament. They cling to what they can see, or what is preached in their church, but they are deaf to their Creator, though He gave them example after example in the Scriptures of His speaking and His signs, and He gives them signs now. Now is the time to believe, and to hear, and to act. The Holy Spirit is near with supernatural power for those who love Jesus enough to seek Him about what is being revealed in this day and hour, before the greatest turmoil ever comes on earth, and before the Bridegroom comes to earth. God bless you as you talk to Him for yourself. You are a coin; Jesus would go far to bring you to a place of believing in Him, that He does speak, and that you can know Him. Then go and bring others to believe the same, and He will back up your words by signs and wonders from His Holy Spirit.