Saturday, March 11, 2006

Being deaf

The Father has been speaking of the condition of mankind: they are deaf. The Father has used my own hearing loss as a representative of the condition of the church, and now He expands it to show the condition of all of mankind. I always viewed being hard of hearing as a handicap, but recently He has been showing a much more serious view of it. If you are deaf, you cannot hear the Father. If you do not hear the Father, then you don't know what to do when calamities arise, or when the enemy, who is invisible, opposes you. The end result of deafness, says the Father, is death.

We told you recently about the woman that Jesus healed of cancer, who died, although she no longer had cancer. The Father told me, "The doctors were deaf". They didn't ask the Father what to do. Of course, it never entered their minds to ask Him what to do. They may have prayed for her, because people do pray for things, but they didn't ask, then wait to hear what He said. Who do you know that does?

The Holy Spirit warned through the Apostle Paul that the church would be filled with doctrines of demons before Jesus returned, and of course he was right. As we have said in the past, by the Holy Spirit, the number one doctrine of demons in the world today is that JESUS DOESN'T SPEAK. Satan has done everything in his power to separate us from the Father, and from Jesus. He pushes The Bible Alone to the religious, and ignores Jesus to the nonreligious.

The bowls of wrath of the Father are filling up and He is not in a patient mood for mankind's inability to hear Him. Every one of us is responsible for our relationship with our Creator. When I was fourteen I went to the youth pastor of the Assembly of God church that my family attended at the time and I asked him, "Why did God create me? What does He want from me?" and the pastor had nothing to say. Later someone asked him, "What did Charlotte want in her meeting with you?" and he replied, "Oh, she just asked the questions that all teenagers do." When I heard the pastor's reply to my questioning, I turned away. I thought, "If he doesn't have an answer, then I guess there is no point in asking further." Later, when I was 24 and the Father began to speak to me, He rebuked me for turning aside from seeking Him. When I pointed out the pastor's words, the Father said that the pastor was accountable (doubly accountable from a regular person, because he should know better) but that I am accountable for myself. He is the Creator of each one of us and each one of us should ask the heavens, "Is there a God? Who are you? Can I know you? What do you want with my life?" If we did seek Him, believing that He will answer, then He will. This is part of the message that I bear as an apostle from the Father - that each person can know the Father, who made them. Creation itself testifies that there is a Creator. No thinking person can say that there is not a Creator of such an intricate universe. Only the fool says in his heart, "There is no God".

The first words I heard from the Father, at age 24, after an angel spoke to me, and I turned away from the way I was living, were the following: "My daughter, I love you. Ask me what you will." I didn't really understand at the time, but He was making clear that there is no question, no comment, nothing that we cannot take to Him. At that time, after hearing the angel, I sought the Father for three days on my face, and He began to speak to me. He will speak to anyone who seriously seeks Him, who does not offend Him by not believing that He will answer. Why should the Father have to come to our unbelief, when there is an abundance of evidence that He does exist, and that He is our Creator.

The problem with so many people is that they have been influenced by the traditional church, who have put in doctrines and Bible stories for Jesus Himself. They don't speak to Jesus and wait to hear what He says back, and they do not teach the lambs to do this. They believe in the Jesus of the Bible, long dead, and not present to call them on what they do and what they believe. But Jesus is alive, and He speaks and He is the head of the church, though they do not recognize Him, nor hear Him. This means that the Church must do what He says now, not just what He said 2000 years ago. What He said 2000 years ago is as true as what He said 4000 years ago, or 6000 years ago. Jesus is alive and doesn't change. He is without sin, and full of love and He never changes from the loving being He is. He has much to say about the world today and about the enemy and the war that is raging, that He Himself - Jesus - declared in 1990. One of the problems that the Father faces today is that people think they know how He will reply - and what they think is their own religious thoughts. So, if the Father wants to simply speak to them, as one Person to another, they don't recognize it, or don't believe it, or just ignore it, and that is because of what they have been taught to think, based on the lying doctrines of their mortal enemy. Those who believe Jesus is a Friend do sometimes hear His voice, but often only about themselves or the church, and they have a hard time breaking out of the mold of their religious thoughts of what He will or will not say. The Bride must do better than this. She must seek Him and hear Him. Her deafness must end. I see the Father look at me when I write this. Above all else, I must seek Him, for we are all on perilous ground, in this great war. We are opposed by someone who hates the Father with every fiber of their being (how far you are fallen, god of this world!) and who lives for blood and suffering and death. Our every step is opposed, and the world is in grave danger.

And where are you? The Father is calling: deep calls to deep. Will you seek Him, trust Him, believe Him, act on His words and His leading? Will you see the state of the world as terror increases? Will you speak out to others with the truth that we are saying. People today often think they will act on the words of the Prophets and Apostles, but they mean the ones that are safely written down in their Bible. Those prophets and apostles have given a foundation built on Jesus Christ, as they should, but the Father still speaks through prophets and apostles today, as Silvana Lupetti and I can testify. And what has He said to you of the events we describe and of His heart and His nature, and of the nature of the enemy and the deadly events that lie ahead? It is time for those who love Jesus to show the Father that they do love Him and will do anything, even up to death, for Him. To do His will, you must know His will. You must live by every word that proceeds from His mouth, and He is still speaking. To live only by what is written in the past, shows no faith, no trust, no relationship with the Living God who is alive and speaking now. This is not to rebuke you, but for deep to call to deep. Wake up and join the army, for the war is raging around you.

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
March 11, 2006