Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a friend we have in the Father

Ongoing 'intifada' in France has injured 2,500 police in 2006 - This is a news story about the ongoing violence in France, particularly from Muslim youth. There is a much bigger problem than is being reported by the media world-wide. I was looking in one of my notebooks earlier today and I noticed a dream that I had on the 17th of this month, in which I dreamt that I went to France, to Lourdes and other places, and then went around in France. There is real danger there, a very real threat to their way of life, to liberty, whether they want to admit it or not, or whether they realize it or not.

There is a dream I thought I would mention also. On October 21st, I dreamt of going to the house of some Jewish people. I wanted them to open their vault because there was something inside that was needed to rescue a young Jewish man. I went to their house on the Sabbath. The vault had very thick walls. By the end of the dream I had seen the inside of the vault (which is why I knew that the walls were very thick) but apparently they did not want to bring out whatever was inside that would bring freedom to the young man.

I don't know exactly what the Holy Spirit is showing by that dream, other than the fact that it is very hard to reach the Jewish heart. They are so determined to not receive Jesus that they have built thick layers between the Father and themselves. What young man needs to be rescued, other than young Shalit, the soldier captured in Gaza and not yet released? Is the Father waiting for them to open themselves to Him before He acts on their behalf? We know that He has done much for them, and that only He can deliver them from the dangers that lie ahead. I posted the dream here so you can ask the Holy Spirit what He is showing, as I will continue to do.

Something really neat happened this week. We live in the country in New Mexico. There is a pond across the way, past the field in front of us. For the last four or five years a flock of sandhill cranes (or herons) has been spending the winter around this pond. It has been a joy to have them here. They have mournful beautiful cries. A few days ago Silvana and Therese and I were talking about the fact that we miss them and are looking forward to when they come back, which they normally do in November, if they come at all. As we were talking I asked the Father to bring them back. About fifteen minutes later, I saw the Father. He was standing in the front of our house and He was calling the herons. I could see this call going out from Him and somehow, by the Holy Spirit, I knew He was calling the birds. Two days later (yesterday) the birds came back! We saw them wheeling and turning in the sky, and then landing on some of the large trees around the pond. He really did call them! How much He loves us, that He would answer a prayer like this. What a friend we have in Him.

Therese was at the grocery store yesterday and she was talking to a woman about the fact that we will gladly pray for people. A man overheard her and he asked her to pray for him. Therese said we would be happy to do so but she didn't get a chance to ask him why he wanted us to pray for him. When she came and told us about it, Silvana saw this man by the Holy Spirit and described what he is feeling. She said that he is afraid. He feels like he is standing on a rug and the rug is being pulled out from under him. He doesn't know which way to fall.

She went on in the Spirit, saying that this man is as all mankind are. There is a great war with Satan and we are the battlefield. There is war being fought over us and war being fought against us. We are the prize. When the Father went to Mecca (continued Silvana) and wrote that message on the black stone there, He was making a claim, a claim to everything. He is who He is, and everything belongs to Him. In the Father's heart, in the Father's mind, we are worth fighting for. This man feels the fight and this man is worth the fight. Each person on earth, even when they are deceived and lost, are in the heart of the Father. There is not one that He does not want to rescue.