Saturday, November 04, 2006

Beauty from the Father

The Father has been talking about coming to Him to spend time with Him, promising each who did that He would indeed meet with them. Silvana told me that the other day she was thinking of this being said so she went to the Father to just be with Him and she said that when she did this a wave of acceptance and love came towards her from Him.

The Holy Spirit has been saying to "step outside and meet with the Father" every day. Come out into the beautiful world that He created and wait on him, even if only for a few moment per day. Take the time to seek Him out in the beauty of His creation and talk to Him and He will meet with you. On the Sabbath, whether you are keeping it on Saturday or Sunday, seek the Father in a park or another green setting, said the Holy Spirit. Someone commented to me the other day that the fall seems even more gorgeous than usual and I realized that this was true, as reflected in the turning of the trees in our front yard. We looked outside each day and it was stunningly beautiful. Here is an article from a newspaper in Britain that says the same is true there:

This deep beauty is from the Father as He welcomes us. He is backing up what the Holy Spirit is showing to us about meeting with Him. We need what we get from Him. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall rise up with wings as eagles. And in this battle, this standing against evil, standing against Satan, we need strength as never before. Thank you, Father, for the warm welcome from You, and for the beauty that You created all around us. May we stand with You for the sake of the whole world, and welcome Your Son's return to this world You created with such love.