Saturday, October 28, 2006


From the King
For the King

We wished to send some small gifts to Pastor Jean and his wife Beathy and to their children and church for Christmas. We want the people in Rwanda to know that we love them and that we want to share with them this year the honoring of Jesus at Christmas. The more we talked about it, the more the Father began to show us that this idea is from Him. We met with Pastor Jean in Yahoo Messenger, as we do each week, and we talked about what would be needed for he and his wife and church members to have a feast at Christmas for the whole church. He told us that $236 would be a low figure to provide enough food and that $400 would be a high figure to provide the food for all. We immediately looked to Jesus and He said He will provide, so we committed to the highest figure. While we were talking about it, I saw Jesus at a feast, lounging on His side, as though He were laying down to eat.

After we talked about the feast, we wanted to order the small presents but we didn't have the money. We looked at a few things on the internet but we had to wait. A few nights later, Jesus said, "I will provide. Go ahead and order" so we bid on some items on ebay. The very next day we got the money to pay for them! Click here to see the pictures of what we bought on ebay to send to Pastor Jean's wife Beathy to distribute to guests at the feast.

You are invited to join us in celebrating this Christmas feast with Rwanda!! There are two things that you can do. One is to buy gifts for the Rwandans and send them to Pastor Jean for his wife to include with the gifts that she will be distributing to the guests at the feast. There are over 50 children in the church and 150 adults, and they might have more guests who come to the church on this day. Contact us for the mailing address for Jean and Beathy if you wish to send presents. The second thing that we are going to do is to have the same meal that Pastor Jean told us they will have at the feast. Here at OJP in the USA, we are planning to have beef and rice on Christmas, with desserts made from fruit. Please join us by having a side dish of rice and beef, prepared however you like, and then think of Pastor Jean and his church on that day, and pray for them and for all of Rwanda.

The prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, was speaking in the Spirit today about Rwanda. She said that the Father is coming to move in Rwanda, to bring healing in body and spirit for adults and for children. As we were talking about this, the Father said to Silvana, "A King's feast for Rwanda: from the King, for the King", and that is exactly right. He is the King that we honor. He is the King providing the feast. The Father said that after the feast is over, He will remain in Rwanda to help them lift up Jesus.

Our sister Felicia commented on what she heard from the Holy Spirit as we talked of sending gifts for Christmas. She said that the Holy Spirit said that He "will take the box Himself". When she told me what the Holy Spirit said, I saw Him going towards Rwanda carrying a big box, with angels all around Him, almost dancing in their joy. There is joy because of the healing that is coming to those whom the Father loves so deeply.

Yesterday, I was praying for Rwanda and I saw the Father with a Rwandan. He reached deep inside the person, and then put His hands gently under and around their heart. He gently cradled their heart in His hands, and I saw healing in His hands. The enemy destroys. The Father heals with eternal love springing from His own heart.

One thing we are praying for is a digital camera to give to Pastor Jean so he will be able to take pictures of the feast, and afterwards, to take photos wherever he goes out with the pictures of Jesus. (Click here to see photos from October 15, 2006, when Pastor Jean gave out pictures of Jesus at a church he visited in Rwanda.)

Pastor Jean also told us that he gave pictures of Jesus to an associate pastor from one of the cities that is mentioned in the Father's Plan For Rwanda. The name of the city is Byumba.