Monday, October 23, 2006

A beautiful letter from Beathy

We wanted to share with you a beautiful letter that we received today from Pastor Jean's wife, Beathy. When we were packing a recent box of pictures of Jesus to send to Pastor Jean, we wanted to include a dress for Ruth, a few small toys for his children, and other little gifts for the family. As we looked around for what we could include in the box, I found a birthday card that had been sent to me, which plays Happy Birthday when you open it. It seemed like the perfect small gift to include for the sake of the children, and you can see by the email below that they really did like it. How great is our God, that the Holy Spirit cares even about the joy of children!

Hello Char! This message is from Beathy, To my dearest that I love so much, Char Tierney. How are you? For me, I am fine. First of all, I praise the Lord because He made us to meet and to know each other and now we became friends and sisters. I tell you: I love you very much!!!I thank you very much!!!! How you take care of us and how you do every thing to help us. It is beyond my understandings! It was a great surprise for me! I do not know how to give you my thanks! Only I pray the Lord during day and night for Him to give you all kinds of his blessings following to all you are doing for us!Indeed, we are very glad, and grateful. Me and children take this opportunity to thank you. For children, they are joyful with the musical card and their small cars! When they opened the card they began dancing! Till now when they open they dance again! They dance and sing:( Here is such melody on the radio when people wish to their friends a nice birthday! The song is in our mother tongue:Ugire umunsi mwizaa! Kuri uyu munsi wavutseho! Ugire umunsi mwiza kuri iyi taliki wavutseho....means have a nice day! on this day you were born! Have a nice day on this date you were born ... My children interpret this song and dance. The song in kinyarwanda has exactly the same melody like this you sent! I tell you also that they are very joyful with their cars while driving on the floor! I am very happy with them!Char, I am very thankful for all you sent to me: Every thing is nice! So, today I wrote this letter to you and I hope my husband will send it to you. I was, and I still am surprised. It is the 1st time in my life to see a good person, full of love! merciful and very compassionate! You washed all my tears! For your love and hepful heart I shall never forget you! May God protect you! Yours, Beathy

Picture of Beathy:
Picture of Ruth in outfit we sent:
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