Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Waiting for the package to arrive in Uganda

We are waiting for the package of pictures that we mailed to arrive in Uganda, ready for Brother Kenneth Ezra to take them to Rwanda. Pray with us that it will arrive safely and quickly, as he prepares for his trip. The enemy has stirred up trouble between Rwanda and Uganda, so Kenneth is going into a tense situation by going into Rwanda at all at this time. Reports are that they are searching luggage at the border, and that they require a passport, where once they only required travel papers. Brother Kenneth had already made preparations to get a passport, but it has not yet cleared. He said he only needs one more paper, which he hopes to get tomorrow, and then he would be ready to go. Printing is inexpensive in Uganda (Approximately $27 US dollars, for 5000 tracts) but we are not sure if he will be able to take them on his trip, due to the problem of taking the boxes. Pray for him and for the pictures and stand with us against Satan, who is opposing this fiercely.

The Holy Spirit told us to light a candle for Rwanda so we have had it lit continuously since midnight of April 5th, the day we sent the package. April sixt (the day following the lighting of the candle) is the 12 year anniversary of the beginning of the 100 day holocaust. God bless Rwanda, and may Jesus comfort every survivor with His presence and His love.