Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Come to see what I am doing, and then look to the Holy Spirit"

On Sunday morning, I was in the Spirit and I was talking to the Father. He showed me something about what He wants us to do. He said that when we first wake up, first of all to come to Him to see what He is doing, and then, secondly, to look to the Holy Spirit, to see what He wants us to do.

As He spoke, I saw what He meant: when we awaken in the morning, go in the Spirit to the Father, and wait on Him. See if there is something that He is doing, or that He will show you about what is in His heart, or what actions He is taking on earth, or what situation He is addressing world-wide, or anywhere on earth. If He shows you anything, then pray for that situation, and just love the Father and join Him in standing about it. After you have done this, then turn your attention to what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. Do you feel you should rest that day? Or make pictures of Jesus? Or send a check to someone (such as to Operation: Jesus Pictures) or call a friend who is lonely, or help a family member. Let the Holy Spirit lead you, and act on what He moves on you to do.

What a wonderful invitation from the Father this is! What an honor to seek Him, to hear Him, to join Him, in His great work on earth, for Jesus' sake. I thought about how common it is for those of us to love Jesus to be troubled in our dreams at times; both from the Holy Spirit showing us something, and these are times of war so dreams can be very intense, or by the enemy troubling us. Both happen, and when you first wake up, the dream is on you and it can be unsettling. But with this wisdom from the Father, it gives us somewhere to go whenever we have a dream. Of course the Father means for us to go to Him everyday, not just when we have a dream, but I am thinking of this re-occurring situation that happens so often to believers in this day and hour. We can go to the Father for what is on His agenda, and then look to the Holy Spirit for what He wants us to do ourselves. This gives us some space from the dream and then, as we trust the Holy Spirit, He will be faithful to bring the interpretation of the dreams from Him. The others will fade away as we go about the Father's business.