Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today Felicia called us to ask us to pray for the child of a friend of hers, and for the child of her friend's brother. (Seven month old Ian has Croup, and the ten month old boy has pneumonia.) She asked me to call Jordan and Therese and Nikki so they could also pray for the two babies. After I got off the phone with Felicia, but before I called next door (we live in two houses, side by side, and share a driveway, and we have fenced our back yards together), I saw the Father. He was standing above the earth waiting for us to bring our prayers to Him about the children. It was the same as I saw in the vision yesterday. There is so much happening in the world. There is so much to pray about, and people to pray for, and He is waiting and willing to answer us concerning everything we bring to Him.

Today Silvana was talking about gifts from the Holy Spirit. She said, "Gifts are given, but without Jesus, they make no sense, and they are no good. Gifts are given, first of all to be taken to Him." She is so right. Gifts are given from a loving Holy Spirit to be used, for the sake of others, and just as we bring the people of the world to the Father, so also that which we see by our gift, needs to be brought first of all to Jesus. In our relationship with Him, we will see what He shows us, then as we wait on Him, He will give us wisdom as to what to do with what we see.

The Holy Spirit told me about a month ago that some people have received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and they rejoiced in the fact that He gave gifts, and they loved the gifts more than they loved the One who gave the gifts, who is Jesus. Their interest in charismatic gifts was greater than their interest in Jesus Himself. This leads to deception. Naturally, Satan, who dwells in the spiritual realm, comes to interfere and deceive. The only way to be safe with what is seen and heard from the spiritual realm, is by knowing the truth about what you see or hear from Jesus. Jesus is the Head of the Church. He is the True Vine and we are only Branches. If we lose touch with Him, by not hearing Him, then we lose our safety. Then, though gifts flourish, deception will flourish as well. Gifts are given freely from a generous God, who loves the world, and gave the gifts, and wants us to use our gifts to help others, but we must not lose our connection with Jesus, our Saviour, the Head of us (the church) and our Bridegroom. Rather, says the Holy Spirit, receive His gifts, and use them well, in correlation with Jesus and what Jesus is doing and saying to you.