Sunday, February 26, 2006

Recent events

We have the first samples from the 90,000 pictures back, and they are beautiful. They are printed on glossy photo paper, and the color is clear. Jesus looks as lovely as a photograph. We want to take 10,000 out of this first 90,000 and set them aside for prisoners. To every prisoner who writes to us, we will send many pictures to share with the other inmates.

I want to catch up a little on what the Father has been saying and what has been happening around here. It is such a strange feeling to know that the Hour of Power with the Muslims has finally begun. It won't be too much longer until Jesus returns. The Wedding Feast draws near, for those who are talking to Jesus and hearing Him and doing His will. How much He loves us. If we think of how much He loves us, then we can begin to see how much He loves others, who don't know Him, who don't know the truth. The whole world has their own thoughts and beliefs, and so many are separated from Him. Jesus, please help us to do anything we can to help You as You reach them.

Personally, I didn't anticipate exactly how the Muslims would rise to power. Although I knew the alliance between them would be from different countries and peoples (comments here about it, as mentioned in Psalm 83) By intimidation, they gain power over people and over nations. Do not publish this or that, for we will riot if you do. We want Sharia law (law based on the Koran) and do not oppose us or you will be sorry... is what they put forth. The battlelines are set. The Father has a Body of people, who love Him and do His will, and Satan has a body of people who believe he is god, who do his will. Satan moves with hate, giving feelings of power to his deceived body, moving among them; dispensing a desire to kill, encouraging them to threaten and intimidate; telling them that they are at war with us (The West, and America and Israel.) and that it is his will for Muslims to have world power.

Do you hear the Father? Do you see His will and are you getting closer to Jesus, standing with Him as His return gets nearer and nearer, or are you on the sidelines, while the Holy Spirit is moving and acting? I saw a vision of the Father on 2-16-06. I saw the Father looking down at plans on the ground in front of Him. He picked up the plans and suddenly they became a newspaper. He read through it at lightning speed. Then He folded the paper and put it in His pocket. Next, He put on some boots and stood up. End of vision. I know what He was showing: the plans are His long term plans: purge the world (the wheat and the tares, the goats and the sheep) and return it to Jesus and to send Jesus back to the earth. The newspaper represents the day's stories: what is happening in the world around us. The boots represent being ready to go out and do whatever needs to be done - to act on what He saw in the newspaper, on what is happening that day. That is exactly what each of us needs: we need a plan, (our plan is to make pictures of Jesus and to give them all over the world, along with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, as the Holy Spirit has shown us to do) and secondly, to see the events in the world and in our neighborhood, and to take those things to the Father in prayer, and to do anything we can to help. As we do this, our feet must be shod with powerful shoes as the Father's were, to act in this day and hour, as the Holy Spirit leads us. I hope as you read this, you take seriously what the Holy Spirit is showing, for the time is very, very short, and Jesus' concern for the world is great.

Frightening times lie ahead and the Holy Spirit wants to reassure and reach people and He wants to do it through us. We know our future is sure, and whatever happens on earth is not going to change our outlook. It is Jesus we trust, Jesus we love, and it is for Jesus that we live. Life or death makes no difference. We are His servants, and we love Him. However, others need our help and they need to hear what we hear from Jesus.

I had a terrible vision on Feb 24th. I was in the Spirit and the Father wanted me to look at the map of the world. As I waited by the map, I saw Satan standing in the spiritual realm, looking at the world. Great enmity and cruelty was in his face. He wants to murder every person alive. He wants to kill and maim and torture everyone, as he killed and tortured in Rwanda in 1994. I laid hands on every continent and prayed for the people, for protection and for them to turn to the Father for help. Then I kept waiting and watching. It was as though I was on vigil to see what Satan would do and to stand against him. Felicia and Therese were praying and standing with me. Then, I saw Satan take a spear and thrust it into the middle of the earth. On the map, it looked almost as though the spear went into Europe, but I don't know for sure if that is a literal thing, or whether it just happened to be about the middle of the earth. In the vision, it went into the heart of the earth. I saw satisfaction then on Satan's face and he turned away.