Monday, February 27, 2006

Death and the House of the enemy

I have some sad news. One of the women that Jesus healed of cancer, the one who was in the hospital, died. Jesus took away the cancer, but she did not survive the treatments she was given because of the cancer. We were so sorry to hear, and we prayed for the family. As we were asking the Father about this situation, He showed us the intense battle raging over our bodies, over our lives. When Jesus returns, which is nearer every day, men and women will begin to live longer and longer lives. In the Scriptures it foretells that people will say that someone who dies at age 100 must have died because of sin. Some people will live the entire thousand years of the next millenium. I see from the Father His plans for life for us, which were always His plans: for good and not for evil. I see also the coming "war on murder" in which Jesus insists to the world, that "as My Father said, thou shalt not kill". Murderers will be murdered. The time of resurrection from the dead is near, and as that day nears, the battle over mankind is getting more and more intense. As we were praying for the family of the woman who died, I saw the woman in the heavenlies. (I think she must have been in Paradise because I saw blue sky and green grass behind her. She was somewhere very beautiful.) I told her that I was sorry that she had died. She said, "I was so tired anyway" and I could see that her body was worn out, and she was weary from the struggle. We prayed for her family and her children and two of us heard her say, "Thank you". She said, "I am happy" and since she is with Jesus, we know this is true.

We have a small house (approximately 8 inches by 8 inches) that the Father has used to represent the camp (or house) of the enemy, Satan. Sometimes in dreams and visions either Silvana or I have seen into the house. Recently, the Father brought the house back into play and told us to put it on our patio. He is exposing Satan. His capture approaches, but first he is being exposed in every way, which is one of Satan's fears. Since we brought out the house, the attacks in the spirit against us have intensified, as can be expected. Here is a picture of the house on the patio: