Monday, February 27, 2006

Germany, USA, Canada win in Turin

The Olympic games are over in Turin, Italy. And who won the games? Germany, USA, and Canada, in that order. The Father was in Turin, looking at the representatives of the nations. The people of Germany just voted in a new leader, who plans on stronger ties with the USA and a stronger stand in the war on terror and evil. The people of Canada did the same; elected new leadership. Thank you, Father, for Your favor towards the two nations in this war. The war on evil will get more and more intense this year. What will the nations do? Blessings to those who stand. The time of separation of the goats and the sheep is at hand. God bless Germany and God bless Canada and God bless all who look to Him for help in the days ahead. Great struggle is coming between the Father and Satan. Violence was rampant in the days of Noah, and now the earth is beginning to look like it did in Noah's day by the rising of violence once again. The Muslim Hour of Power is an hour of violence and threat, with war in other places, such as the war coming to the USA.