Friday, April 08, 2005

Speaking in the Spirit to the Media

Last night Silvana Lupetti and I were in the Spirit, watching an interview on C-Span with Roger Ailes, the CEO and Chairman of FoxNews. He was speaking to the National Press Club and to journalism students. We saw the Father with Roger as he was speaking. Common sense was coming from him, and the Father told us to speak to the spirits of the people there. We did: we said, "Listen to the truth and decide to act on it, and then do so. Be nonpartisan in your reporting, for God will hold you accountable for your actions. The truth is clear in what is being said by Roger Ailes."
Roger Ailes said this at one point, "How could anyone know that in one year Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings would be gone?" Of course he most likely does not realize that it is the Father who brought this about.
We saw angels stationed at the doors. They were ready to mark those who were leaving without a change, who insisted on remaining with their own thoughts, their own agenda, in spite of the truth. Those who are marked with suffer results from the Father, and some will face death swiftly. The Father said that the reason He moved to force this issue on the news media now is because of the wicked polls that were put out in the Terri Schiavo affair, led by the ABC news poll. These polls were used by Satan to push back Congress, President Bush and Governor Jeb Bush from going further to save her life. The polls were deceptive, speaking of people in comas, which she was not, and people on life support, which she was not. However, the deceptive polls had the effect that Satan desired, which was to push back politicians. The Father holds the media accounable for the polls.
As we spoke in the Spirit to their spirits, we could feel their response. It was the same as when I spoke to Brian Nichols (murderer of judge and 3 others, who held Ashley Smith captive and she read the Bible and Purpose Filled Life to him, by the help of the Holy Spirit). I felt the response of his spirit, and we felt the response of their spirits.
The Father showed a view of death, which He showed will happen to the nonresponsive. It is not intended to be a bloody terrible punishment, but a removing of the person from the earth, from the arena of war in which we all stand. At war, reporting must be a simple recital of the truth, and not biased by personal agendas. We prayed for them to respond, we prayed for blessings in journalism to those who have it in them to report the truth. And those who do not, deserve what they receive from their Creator's hand, just as Peter Jennings, the head of the news department at ABC, received in his body the sentence of death in the lung cancer he has now. We are all accountable to God - even the Remnant Church. All mankind stands at this time before the Creator as He separates the tares from the wheat.