Sunday, March 20, 2005

Standing for Terri Schiavo

Hello. Today we are all standing in a vigil for Terri Schiavo, as we are sure you are also. We have candles lit before the Father and are praying for her and speaking to her spirit, from the Holy Spirit, to help her to come back and to live. The greatest gift we could give Jesus on Palm Sunday is life.

Today, by the Holy Spirit, we put out a rock for Terri before the Father, and immediately after we did so, a rainbow appeared in the sky. He hears us and He will act. God bless President Bush, Senate Leader Bill Frist, House Leader Tom Delay, and all who are standing strong for this innocent person's life.

RAINBOW IN SKY for Terri Schiavo

The Father, our Judge, sees those who are standing for life in this situation, and those who will not distinguish between good and evil. The battle is fiercely engaged: there is war in the spirit. I see war over Pope John Paul ll, and war over Terri Schiavo, and war over the minds of men all over the world. We - the armies of the Father - have penetrated the enemy's territory: Muslims world-wide are re-thinking their beliefs: who is this god who claims that murder of the innocent is acceptable, and in fact sends his followers to murder even against fellow believers? In Lebanon they laid down the standard: the cross and the crescent side by side, on the backdrop of their own flag, being flown for freedom. Freedom of religion is something Satan has never allowed, but the Father brings to all mankind the freedom to choose. Lebanon is a turning point: the beginning of the third phase in the war, as we mentioned in the post: THE HOUR OF JUDGEMENT: THE TSUNAMI. It has begun.

Satan is furious. I saw him scream, as the Father moved towards young Muslim men, to show them the truth: that they are valued and desired in the earth within nations who have freedom, nations with civilized laws, and civilized futures. They need not lay down their lives for nothing, among a group of others who are equally violent. Hope comes to all mankind, including them, although Satan desires above everything to keep them by his murderous side.

I saw Satan and Lucifer allied in evil against all mankind. I saw a map of the world, and saw Russia and China and North Korea, with the enemy facing the United States through them with murder in mind. You and your family are at risk each day, as we all are in this war. I saw and heard the Father, as He spoke of this intense warfare. He is with all who hear His voice, who have trained themselves to hear Him and do His will. He will not leave us, but we must look to Him constantly, because the enemy is murderous and will cause as much damage on the unwary as he can. Be careful in all that you do, and insist that your children do the same, and the Father will help you. Also, be aware that Satan moves through thoughts and feelings and do not give way to him when he comes to attack you. Look to Jesus; He will show you the truth.

God bless you. God bless all who stand for good, for life, for Jesus. God bless Terri Schiavo, and bring her back to life.

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