Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Catch up from Audio Posts that did not post

There were four or five audio posts that never came through this month, so I am going to make a few comments here about what was being said, so you can keep up with all He has been saying, and then ask Jesus about everything you are hearing and reading here, so He can show you what to do and how to stand with Him.
3-14-05 Silvana, "The truth is a light, like a laser beam, and nothing can hide from the light".
This is the state of the world now. The Father is holding up the light, and all is open before His gaze. He will bring justice, He will set truth in place.
Silvana saw the Father. He was walking through water towards Lebanon. Every step He took had significance and purpose and power. Every step had meaning. He was walking through the Mediterranean Sea.
Char Tierney saw the Father, and He was standing and pushing forward. Satan was standing up also, pushing against the Father. The Father said, "he thinks he can grapple with me". I saw myself with the Father, behind Him. I thought of needing provision (money for provision for making the pictures of Jesus) and Satan said something about stopping the provision. The Father slapped his face twice - first with His left hand, then with His right hand.
3-15-05 When Silvana read the article about James Carroll, the man who called THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, a perversion, she crumpled it and threw it down on the ground. The Father spoke and said, "I will crumple it around James Carrol. His ability to write will crumple. His mental health will crumple". As the Holy Spirit has been saying, again and again, "The Father is acting as a Judge, to the world, and to individuals.
Hosea 14 speaks of the fragrance in Lebanon, as the Father spoke through Silvana of the fragrance of freedom. It also speaks of the roots in the ground, as we had roots for our spring meal for freedom. Lebanon is a turning point and there is war over it.
Brothers and Sisters, it is serious in the world today. Ask Jesus about what is being said, so you can see the truth from Him and continue to stand with Him and be ready to go when He calls us away. The Holy Spirit has been saying, since March 8th, "When the power of the holy people is broken..." I know He means that after that, then we will be taken to that beautiful feast that is being prepared for the Bride and the Bridegroom, and the Father will not only act as a judge, but He will pour out His judgment of wrath on the earth. Nations, beware. Do you stand for good or evil? Individuals, beware. Your enemy seeks your death and the death of those around you and of all you love.
I will post again to catch up with other comments being made by the Holy Spirit, or the Father.