Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Praying still for Terri

For those who listened to the audio post from yesterday's blog, I discussed the comparison that the Father was making between Terri's condition and the condition of the church. Terri's collapse, which led to her present condition, was one month and one day after the Father gave the sobering prophecy entitled, PARALYZED BODY. The Father also said that the church has a deadly enemy, who wants to kill them; who wants to deprive them of food and water from the Holy Spirit.
Here are some details concerning Terri Schiavo and Therese Cooper, who is with OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES:

Theresa Marie (Schiav0)
Age 41
"Daughter of the Pope"
(Daughter of the Church)

Mary Therese (Cooper)
Age 41
Daughter of the Remnant Church

(Mary) Therese Cooper is a direct descendant of Patrick Henry. Today is the 230 year anniversary of his GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH speech. The Father said that Therese is Remnant of the Church, and Remnant of our godly heritage - our founding fathers. (Jordan Cooper, Therese's seven year old son, is a friend of a descendant of George Washington, who lives in Virginia. He is making a project today on Patrick Henry. On our mailing list also are some who are related to Abraham Lincoln, and another US President. The Father said in the past that this was a sign of His saving of the remnant. Just as He remembers Abraham's descendants, He remembers ours, who founded this nation, trusting in Him.)

Our fervent prayer is that the Father bring to life His remnant church, and as a sign of that, that He brings to life, His beloved daughter Terri Schiavo. If they will let her live, the Holy Spirit said, over time she will get totally well. There will be medical discoveries that bring her back to health, and He Himself will be directly involved in making her well. Jesus' return is so near, that all who are alive today will benefit from the changes on earth that come about with His help and presence. Also, the Father said He would do a miracle and the whole world will see it. (I made 8 different audio blogs that did not show up, and I talked in more detail of what He said in one of those missing posts. Please pray for us, because Satan opposes us constantly as we seek to tell you what the Father has been saying and showing.
Please, Father, please heal Terri, so the whole world will know that You are real and You are love, and that You will help us.
Yesterday I saw a horn come up out of the ground. It was large. It seemed to come up right before the Father, because everything on earth is under His gaze. As the enemy acts, the Father acts with greater power.