Sunday, March 18, 2007

The sword of the Father

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit showed me a large sword. It was made of gold and it stretched out before me. It was long and was too large for one person to lift alone. I was looking at it and thinking that it would take several people at once to wield it. Suddenly I saw a line of people stretching out beside me. It looked like a scene out of Narnia, or Camelot, or something from medieval times. There were flags or banners towards the sides of the line. It was a line of people from an army and the Father stood in the middle of the line. In the middle of the line, it jutted forward and came to a point just where the Father stood. (It was sraight on the sides and there was a V-shaped section going forward in which the Father stood.) He stepped forward and the entire line started to move with Him.
He is going to act and we who are with Him will move with Him. In the army are His servants, humans and angels. I told Silvana about what I saw and she said she saw the sword. She described it perfectly, though I didn't give any further details than "a gold sword". She said the entire sword was made of gold, including the hilt, which was exactly what I saw. She also said there was engraving of some sort on the hilt.
After we prayed for Maria last week (Nikki has talked to her two times now since then, and Maria said she continues to feel much, much better than she has for a long time) the Father showed how we were all involved in this act for Him. Silvana said that we should go lay hands on her and told us when to go, and it was Nikki's friendliness that opened the door in the first place. I talked to her about Jesus when we gave her the pictures, and Therese listened with sympathy and put her hand on Maria in a comforting manner. Jordan laid hands on her with us and prayed for her with his gift of healing and brothers and sisters whom we called and who read on the site joined us in praying for her. It was an act of love and obedience to Jesus that many joined together to do. At the time, the Father showed His pleasure with this unity and love in Him.
The week before we needed to get a tag and when we went and got it from the government office, we were given the tag with the number JHN829. When we got home, we looked up the verse John 8:29 in the Bible and this is what it says: 29 "The one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him." We were amazed at this Scripture! A little later the Father said to me that He IS pleased with us. He said that He is pleased with us because we give out the pictures of Jesus, we give out THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and we tell others that they can know Jesus for themselves. Robert and Catherine gave us some of the money that we used to pay for the tag and the Father said that they are included in those who please Him.
He is with us! The sword that must be lifted by many is a sign of working together to do His will. The army that moves forward as the Father moves is the army of those who hear Jesus, who love Him, and who are following the Father as He leads.