Friday, March 23, 2007

Jesus is pleased

Twice last week Jordan went to the hospital with Nikki so he could pray for people there. The first time he gave away many pictures of Jesus and he prayed for Judy, who has trouble with her thyroid. On their second visit to the hospital he also gave out many pictures and he met LilyAnne, who has pneumonia. Jordan called me on his cell phone (he has his own phone so we can call him at any time to pray for people) and we prayed together for LilyAnne. As we were praying, I saw dry air in her lungs - as though it were Arizona air, or from some other place that has no humidity in it. I know that Jesus is going to help her to get well. After we prayed for her I saw Jesus. He was so glad that Jordan had met up with LilyAnne. He loves her and He was so glad that we prayed for her!
Later in the week, I talked to Nikki about a dream she had about a friend of hers. I started to tell Nikki what I saw about the dream, and she said that her friend would like to listen too through Nik's speaker phone, so I described what I saw about the dream by the Holy Spirit to both of them. The real reason for the dream was about to show the love that the Father feels for Nikki's friend. He sees what is happening in her life and He loves her and wants to help her. After we got off the phone, I saw Jesus again. He told me that He was so happy that I had passed on from the Holy Spirit what was meant by the dream. He wanted her to know how much He cares about her and that He is going to help her and by my willingness to speak with what I saw, He was able to tell her so.
Then today, Felicia told me about seeing a woman walking down the street. Felicia noticed her and saw what a problem she has walking so Felicia prayed for her. She said that after praying for the woman, she could see that the woman actually started to walk better, and then she could see that the Father was helping her. After Felicia told me this, I saw by the Holy Spirit how glad He was that Felicia had noticed the woman, cared about her, and prayed for her. It was the same thing that Jesus had shown me before! The Father is so glad when we will act for Him. He is with us. Remember how I wrote earlier about the Father wanting response from us? He does not want us to hear and not act. He does not want us to accept healings from Him for ourselves and those we love and then not act to help others. Well now He is showing His presence right in the midst of us, as we act in response to te leading of His Holy Spirit.
What powerful miracles the Father has been doing! Have you been reading on the Jesus Pictures Testimony page? Jean has seen miracles in Rwanda and we have seen physical healings in the USA, such as is described on the Testimonies page in the post called "JOY FILLED THE ROOM" about the woman who was in a coma but came out after they put a picture of Jesus on her forehead. Yesterday, Therese was talking to Larry from Raton on the phone. He called to request more pictures of Jesus. We sent him a large packet several months ago and he has been passing them out. He said that he takes them with him wherever he goes. He told us that he goes to hospitals and prays for people and gives them pictures. He said that when he meets someone who is depressed or suicidal he gives them a picture and has them read the writing on the back of the picture right then. (What is written there is taken from REMEMBER HEAVEN.) Therese told Larry about the woman having the stroke and not being able to speak and then going into a coma, only to come out of it, and then Larry told her about going to Denver with his wife last month. As usual, Larry took with him pictures of Jesus. While in Denver, they went to the hospital to visit a relative who was very ill. In fact when they arrived, the last rites had been administered by a priest. Larry and his wife put a picture of Jesus up in the room and prayed for the man. They heard from relatives a few days later that he was better and now, a month later, he is walking and has gotten much, much better! Thank you, Jesus! What wonderful acts of love You have been doing.

I made a very short YouTube movie about kitties, just to try out some software we have. Take a look here if you like: