Saturday, February 03, 2007

A miraculous sign

The day before yesterday the Father did an incredible thing to back up what He has been saying about "Call the things that are not, as though they are". Therese and I were talking on the phone, and she was telling me that she went to the Father after reading the blog where I wrote about Him saying this. She said she told the Father, "I don't get it. I believe it but I don't understand it." The Father told her, "When the Holy Spirit shows you something that you (OJP) should do, then go forward with it as though you have everything you need, because I will provide at the proper time. Call what is not yet there, as though it is."

As she was telling me about her conversation with the Father, I was in the Spirit and I said, "It is power! Not power to us as individuals, but power for His will to be done." About a half hour or so before this phone call, it had started to snow. The wind was blowing hard as it was snowing, like it does at the beginning of a blizzard. We had brought our dogs inside and we were all bracing for the new snow and the cold. I said to Therese, "Call the things that are not, as though they are is power from the Father. It would be as though I said, 'it will stop snowing in Jesus' name, because the Father says that it will'. The reason that I gave this example is because I saw by the Holy Spirit that it was a good example. Within a minute of my saying this the wind stopped, and the snowfall became very, very light. Within three minutes, it had stopped snowing altogether. Within five minutes, the sun was shining, the clouds were dissolving and we had the clearest and bluest day we have had in some time. The sky was beautiful. I stood by the window as Therese and I marveled at what the Father was doing with this miraculous change in the weather, and my back was hot from the sun. From blizzard to sun, in minutes of saying the snow will stop in Jesus' name. Then, the Father spoke again. He said, "This is a sign that what is said is true, 'Call the things that are not, as though they are".