Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Father wants response

Recently, we have been receiving some wonderful requests for the pictures of Jesus and marvelous testimonies about them. What a joy to participate with the Father in reaching out to the world in Jesus' name, with Jesus, their Savior, who really wants them to come to know Him.

Here is an email we received from Pamela, whose mother needed surgery recently, and Silvana's reply, which shows exactly what is on the Father's heart. We had posted a prayer request about Pamela's mother on the OJP Home Page, asking people to pray for her before she went in for surgery, as you may remember.
Hello Everyone - Wanted to give you an update on the results to Mom's pathology report!! Praise God!! It is great news. The pathology report showed that the cancer was contained in the one ovary and was nowhere else in her abdomen!! The Lord answered our prayers and I am so grateful for all of you who prayed for her...Apparently, less then 1% of ovarian cancers are contained like my Mom's. God is GOOD. As Steve has said "A doctor's diagnosis is no match for what God can do." Amen to that!! Thank you all for caring enough to pray. It is priceless to us! Steve and Pamela
From Silvana: Now amid the rejoicing, we ask the Father, what can we do for You, to lift up Jesus to the world, so that they may know His healing and His love as we do? What people can you reach in your community, filled with churches that only have religiosity, which doesn't answer fear or pain? Go to the hospitals in your area, keeping Pamela's mother in mind, keeping in mind the stress of being sick or loving a sick one. Take the pictures which are free, and put them in the waiting rooms. This is no doctrine, no particular church, it costs nothing but love for Him and a little time from you; the pictures are free. Do as He leads. He wants His people who love Him to help Him reach people in the darkness, swiftly before they turn to drugs, or suicide, or crippling fear. He does the rest, He carries the heavy yoke. Go to the homeless shelters with pictures, leave them in restaurants. They are clearly having a good effect. Prisoners, the sick, the homeless, many are being touched by the Father and are beginning to talk to Him, to cry out to Him. Be a part of that because you love Him, and He loves them. I'm so glad about Pamela's mother, glad that the healing Shepherd loves her and all who suffer.

One time while we were driving near the Mexican border, Silvana spoke prophetically of Juarez, speaking of murders that occur there. Several months later we saw in the newspaper that there was a group of men who were both raping and murdering women in Juarez, exactly as she had said. Here is a brief news article that we saw today: This article talks about the fact that there is a movie being made about those murders and the director has received death threats. Obviously, a spirit of murder (the Father sees you and knows you) is still there, stirring up problems. But let's not forget that his deeds were pointed out by the Holy Spirit through Silvana when we went near Mexico. He has been exposed. Now Father, bring him to justice. In Jesus' name we ask You.

The Father sees the whole earth. He sees all the evil that is done, by human and by demon. He sees the heartache and the suffering. He sees the ignorance and the darkness. Recently He said strongly to me that He wants response from His people. When He shows something is His will, then there must be a response from whomever He is calling to act. He does not want us to see His will, hear His will, know His will, and then not act. The angels never do this. They are our fellow servants, created as we are, for fellowship with God and service to Him. When the Father shows something, when the Holy Spirit leads, they act. And we, as Jesus' friends, and His Bride, must do so also. Through us and with us, He will reach the world. To do anything differently than respond shows that really, we are just deceiving ourselves. Either we hear Him and do His will, (which we do with joy, for we love Him) or we have a religion in which we claim His name, but do not as He wishes.

The other day, on Feb 11, I saw the enemy in the spiritual realm. I saw him put up a barrier, like a blanket, as he tried to construct a wall of opposition against what the Father is doing. Many of us felt sick, problems arose. Then, as we began to pray for one another, I saw something that looked like a network being constructed. There was a light here, and a light there, and more and more, and they connected together, and before my eyes it became a blanket of response to the enemy's actions. Each light was a person praying for one another; talking to the Father about the needs of each other, of the needs of OJP. So, the enemy opposes and will oppose but we will answer him and our answer is the Father. Nothing Satan can do will stop the Father from carrying out His will on earth. No wonder the Father is saying that He wants response from us! Here is our opportunity to participate in what He is doing. Did you read the testimony from Pastor Jean today? The pictures of Jesus are having miraculous effect! If the Father told you to give, then give. If the Father told you to give out pictures, then rush to do so. If He tells you to pray, to carry one another's burden, then respond. Speaking of opposition from the enemy, pray that the box of pictures of Jesus, and the followup box with string and a camera and a dvd player for showing THE PASSION, arrive safely to Pastor Jean in Rwanda. The enemy hopes to interfere, so please join us in praying that they both arrive safely and in good time

In the Spirit, I saw a plant emerging from the ground, like a tendril of spring approaching. It is a hint of hope, of the promise of the world after Jesus' returns. Our long winter will be over, our God will dwell among us.