Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of Saddam, coming end of Satan

On the day after Christmas, Silvana, Therese, Felicia, and I, took some of the Passion Fruit and waited before the Father. We prayed for the believers in the days ahead. All the spiritual realm was listening as we cried out that Jesus Christ is Lord. As we asked the Father to kill Satan, to capture him, I saw angels outside. I saw that they also want an end to this terrible being, who has brought such great harm. Suddenly, I saw the angels standing over a body bag, that was blood red. It was blood red because it holds the remains of one who has shed much blood.
When Saddam Hussein was captured by American forces, the Holy Spirit said that it was a forerunner of the capture of Satan. When I heard today that Saddam would be killed in a few hours, the Holy Spirit showed me that the body bag was for Saddam, but it is a warning to Satan, because his end is sure, and it is approaching swiftly.