Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday to Jesus, our Bridegroom!
We thought we would give a reminder of what we are having for the King's Feast tomorrow on Christmas Day:

- beef
- macaroni
- rice
- desserts made from fruit
- fruit juice
- soda (we are having Sprite because that is Pastor Jean's favorite)
- Passion Fruit Juice

I was speaking with Pastor Jean in Messenger yesterday and he told me that they plan to have a juice called Maracuja to drink at their feast in Kigali, Rwanda. Jean said, "It is the king of juices". Well, of course we wanted the king of juices for the feast for the king, so Silvana looked it up on the internet. Another name for Maracuja is Passion Fruit, so we also bought some Passion Fruit Juice to have on Christmas, to honor Jesus and the Passion of the Christ, which is the gospel being illustrated all over the world, which Pastor Jean has been distributing throughout Rwanda.
Please join us by having at least one of the foods mentioned above on Christmas Day, and fellowship with us in Spirit, for the sake of Jesus. So far, we have people joining us from Rwanda, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, New Mexico, Hawaii, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, and California. The Father has promised to come to the feast of each of us, by His powerful Holy Spirit. May Jesus be honored and lifted high this year!