Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hostile Takeover of Hollywood

The Father reminded us this last week of the time that He told us that He was going to make a "hostile takeover of the media". Since He said that to us, the three news anchors from the three networks are no longer there, (one is gone through disgrace, one through death, and one retired) and blogging has entered into the mainstream media. This week the Father said that He is going to do a "hostile takeover of Hollywood".

They deserve a hostile takeover. During World War II, Hollywood supported America and its stand for freedom's sake. Now, they are a disgrace, both in their blind, selfish attitude against the war on terror, and in the morals of the movies they had been making, before THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST came out and changed the view of what the public wants to see. THANK YOU, FATHER.

The prophet Silvana recently was talking about Satan, and she said, "Satan's middle name is brutaliy". You can see by what was done to our American soldiers, kidnapped and tortured by terrorists in Iraq, the nature of the beast with whom we are at war. When Jesus returns, He will come back to save the world, for we will need Him as never before in history.