Saturday, December 09, 2006

Read THE BEGINNING PRIMER on Silvana's Blog

I was reading the post on Silvana's blog called ALL THAT HE ASKS OF US. That post is like a primer, a beginning reader for Jesus' remnant. It sums up where things are in the spirit right now. It is vital to understand what is being said there, so we can go on with the Father in this war against Satan. Everyone should read this post and ponder it, as it lays a foundation upon which the Holy Spirit will build.
The post talks about the nature of our opponent, our enemy, who is Satan. He is murderous. This cannot be understood solely with the mind, with a shallow, cartoon outlook on Satan, but must be faced up to and realized with the help of the Holy Spirit. Silvana is right: prophets care. They care about the Father, they care about evil, they care about great suffering, and so must we. Are we Jesus' bride? Then, we will not turn our face away from suffering, nor from what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us. Are we truly His? Then, we will talk to the Father about these things, so we can be equiped to stand against the enemy and his ideas and his works and his nature. By leaving our own sin, our own selfishness our own putting ourself over others, we come against the nature of sin itself, which is Satan's nature. When we leave sin, we leave him. When we love the Father, and look to Him for wisdom and look to Him for His will, not our own, then we particpate in exhibiting the Father's love and His nature, as Job did when he praised God in the midst of the terrible things happening to him. As we continue to listen to the Holy Spirit, He will teach us and we need His teaching, we need His leading, for the days ahead.