Friday, December 08, 2006

OJP Banners

Yesterday Stephan's Sign Stop finished the banners that we had ordered for OJP in Rwanda and OJP in Ghana. We mailed the banner to Pastor Jean so they could have it to put up for the King's Feast on Christmas Day. Click on links to see a picture of the banners:
Tonight I was talking to two different people on the phone about the situations in their lives and both of them said the exact same thing in all sincerity, "I trust the Father". What beautiful statements of faith! I look forward to seeing what the Father does for each of them, because I know He is going to help them. He sees their faith in Him and He loves them.
Brother Joseph received the money for his rent and his electricty is now turned on. They received their package of Christmas gifts and they said that the children were happy with everything. Click here to read the email that he sent to us about this today.