Friday, August 11, 2006

Procession from the Father

Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Father moved in power today. Yesterday the prayer shawl from Israel that Felicia sent us arrived. It is white with gold stripes and Scriptures in Hebrew. This morning the Holy Spirit began to speak powerfully through Silvana. She saw a procession coming towards the house with the Father in the lead. She said that it looked almost like a procession that might slowly move down the aisles of a church, such as you see in a wedding. There were angels dressed in white with gold. As the Father approached, angels knelt. As they neared, the Holy Spirit said several times loudly and clearly, "The tabernacle of God is with men."

The Holy Spirit had told us to clean the table really well and oil it, which we did, and then put the prayer shawl on the table, with certain items folded inside. He showed us exactly what to put inside the shawl. We put in a copy of the song A NEW PSALM OF DAVID, a writing called JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME. (This tract was originally written to a 13 or 14 year old Jewish boy who was asking questions of us about Jesus.) Then, as the Holy Spirit said to do, we put a picture of Jesus inside the tract. Jesus in the center. Finally, in the shawl, we added three flat wafers, for unleavened bread.

The Father said, "The third returned." The flat crackers represent the pieces of unleavened bread that Jews put out for the Seder and the Haggadah, the retelling of the flight from Egypt when the Father brought them into freedom from slavery.

Jews have traditionally broken one of the three pieces in two and separated it out. But the Holy Spirit said to leave each piece whole. Jesus has fulfilled the symbolism of the broken piece. When He celebrated the Passover meal with His disciples (the last supper) He broke the bread and gave it to them saying, "This is My body". His body was broken as He bore our sin, but now He is risen and is alive forevermore and is returning to the earth. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, we put four candles at the edges of the four corners of the shawl, and four fruits by the four candles. The Holy Spirit said that the candles represent the light to the whole world. (4=the world, the four corners of the world.)

We laid out the items on the table. The Holy Spirit said it is like a Passover Seder, but like a new Passover. He said it is "THE FEAST OF HIS RETURN". The Father spoke and said, "My people Israel called for a king and they were given kings; some good, some evil." "Now", says the Father, "I give you the King of kings."

As the procession entered the house we set a chair at the table for each one. Angels accompanied them into the house. The Father was in the lead. We set a chair for the Father and for the Holy Spirit at the head and the foot of the table. The angels with the Father and the Holy Spirit had gold wings. We set chairs on the side of the table for Mary on the Father's left, and for the angel Gabriel on His right. Therese and I held out the chairs. When Gabriel sat down in the chair I was holding, I felt his great power. His chest seemed to be about the size of the chest of three strong men. Power streamed from him. The angels behind Mary and Gabriel had blue wings. Then, we held chairs for Elijah, who sat between Mary and the Holy Spirit at the foot of the table, and Adam, who sat between Gabriel and the Holy Spirit. The angels with Elijah and Adam had green wings.

Later the Holy Spirit said that Gabriel and Mary represent that which comes from heaven to earth. Gabriel is the head of the ranks of angels who serve the Father from heaven to earth. Mary bore the child, Jesus, who was promised and given to the earth. Elijah and Adam represent from earth to heaven. Adam was the first man and Elijah ascended from earth to heaven, as we would all have done in the proper time if we had not entered into sin, just as the fallen angels (demons) did.

The color of the wings supports what the Holy Spirit was showing about this: the blue in the wings of the angels with Gabriel and Mary represents the heavens (blue sky) and the green in the wings of the angels with Elijah and Adam represents the green of the earth. The Holy Spirit said that we should leave the candles burning and the table set out as it is "from Sabbath to Sabbath".
This is all preparation for the return of Jesus, which is very near.