Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pictures of Jesus at Pearl Harbor on July 4th

On the 4th of July, Felicia took pictures of Jesus to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. When she told us that she was going to take the pictures, I saw the Father about the fact that the pictures of Jesus were going to the site of the beginning of World War II for America. America is at war now, with terror, and war is coming to us on our homeland. (with China) The pictures of Jesus being put there is symbolic of a meeting between what the Father is doing in reaching out to the world and what is coming to us, which is war for America.

Dog Chapman ("the Bounty Hunter" on TV) was also at Pearl Harbor, signing autographs so Felicia got in line and gave him some more free pictures of Jesus. He remembered the ones we had sent to him in the mail a few years ago. When she showed them to him, he immediately said, "I gave all those out". She gave him 400 to 500 more, and told him we are praying for him and for Honolulu, which has a serious drug problem. He gave her his home address so we can send some 8x10s for his house and his office.