Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Holy Spirit warns again

We had several packets of pictures of Jesus on the table, waiting for Jesus to provide the money for postage to mail them. Thanks to Robert and Catherine H who sent their tithe, the pictures were mailed today. Countries to which we mailed pictures of Jesus and/or dvds of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: France, Italy, Russia, USA, Belarus, Australia, The Netherlands, Canada, India, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, Zambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Solomon Islands, and England. We mailed most of them today, but we have a few left over which will be sent when Jesus provides again, as we know He will.

We received a letter from Pastor Francis of Kigali, Rwanda, which said that he is coming to the USA in July. He is going to Beaverton, Oregon on June 12 for a week and then He is planning to come visit us on June 19th for a week! We are so excited and rejoice in Jesus in this wonderful opportunity to fellowship with our brother whose people suffered so deeply in the past. THANK YOU JESUS! We will be sure and send him home with many, many free pictures of Jesus. If any of you want to come visit and meet him, be sure and let us know, so we can make a place for you to sleep as you visit us. Also, Bishop Nelson Pervez is in the USA, and he would like to come and visit us also. He is only waiting for Jesus to provide the funds for him to get here. He is in Philadelphia now, and needs to return to Canada after visiting us, before he returns to Pakistan. We will be so glad to see him. He has taken out the pictures of Jesus and the writing JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME (translated into Urdu, language of Pakistan) door to door in Muslim Pakistan. How courageous for Jesus! God bless him. Pray for him and for provision for him to come see us. I saw from the Father that there is warfare against is and we need to stand and keep seeking Him about it. Pray for provision for Nelson. If he comes, he will take 5000 pictures of Jesus back with him, into the nation that the Father is moving into...

Today, before we mailed the pictures of Jesus, the Father said to give the prophet Silvana a package from a Muslim nation, and we took to her the package going to Pakistan. (At first she asked Char if there was a package going to a Muslim nation and she said, "Yeah, France" - what a sad state of affairs to even say that.) While Silvana was holding the package going to Pakistan and praying for them, she said, "The Father is going with this package into Pakistan." As she spoke, Char saw the Father. He was wearing battle combat clothing. Char also saw a committee of angels inside Pakistan preparing to meet the Father when He arrives.

Later, the Father told us to "Batten down the hatches" - make sure everything around the house is safe, and to come inside. Then Father said, "I am going to kill monsters". Those who would tear out the eyes of a prisoners are monsters, and the Father is going to act against monsters. He is going to kill. He told us to stay inside and be safe. BE CAREFUL. Stay home if you can this weekend at the least, and watch out for attacks on your feelings or on your family. Be calm and trust the Father no matter what comes up, and He will help you. And pray for those in nations which have such monsters within them, seeking the murder of others.

The Father and Satan are at war. I saw the Father with a sword, and He slashed down at Satan, who also held a sword.

On another note, the Father said that there is good news coming, so we look forward to see what that will be. We have been working on the property, adding grass seed (we live in New Mexico, which is southwestern desert area) to some areas, and flowers to another. We also have planted trees, and the burning bushes, as we told you before. (The burning bushes came from Azusa street, in California. They represent the coming revival which is happening now with the anointed pictures of Jesus, with which each one He is present.) Since the Father said to make the place "like a park", the enemy has begin to oppose us. Pray for us and our protection as we continue to do the will of the Father, as He tells us. We were out in the arbor the other day and the prophet Silvana was speaking to Satan. She said, "Why don't you go into the throne room? You won't because you can't." He does not want to face the Father. Satan and all the spiritual realm were listening. He was furiously angry at her words, because those who follow him were listening to see how he would respond. As she spoke, a huge wind suddenly sprang up, with an enormous dustdevil. It went from calm to storm in one second. I saw Satan as the storm raged and he was furious. He was saying by the storm, "I have power, puny human being. I can cause a storm". He cannot go into the throne room, for he cannot stand up to the Father, so he need not bother to claim to be as powerful as the Father, his Creator. The storm only lasted a moment or two or three, but the message was clear. There is intense anger at what is being revealed by the Holy Spirit about Satan and his camp. The end is coming. Fierce days lie ahead. Jesus will return to rescue us, and with Him will be all who hear His voice, know Him, love Him, and do His Father's will. Rejoicing in His return will be Christians who believe in Him but do not know Him. They will be glad that Jesus returns. However, before Jesus returns, intense persecution of Christianity lies ahead. There will be many martyrs, dressed in white, as they ascend before the Father, who will receive them and wipe their tears.

The Father said that there will be war among the demons, those who follow Satan. It is very clear even to them that defeat lies ahead for Satan and his followers and that the Father is not going to back off, and that He is the most powerful. As there is division in the spiritual realm, (as Jesus said, "if Satan is divided, then his end has come) so there is division in the natural realm, and it comes from the Father as he acts against the enemies of good. There is division among democrats on many levels. This comes from the Father too, who does not want this war opposed or undermined. The war in the natural mirrors what is happening in the Spirit.

GOD BLESS YOU. Talk to Jesus about what is being said, as always. I was talking to the Father about people and how hard it is for them to hear His voice, especially because they have an idea in their head of what He will say, so they have a little box for Him to come to. They also often feel fearful that He will not answer. They think, He will quote Scripture, or say something holy. Of course He can quote Scripture anytime that He wishes, for He wrote the Scriptures, but sometimes He just talks to us, Person to person. Then, the Father told me, "If they want to KNOW ME, they will hear Me, for they will keep listening and I will make Myself clear".