Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Greetings in Jesus' name. We wanted to let you know what is happening with the 90,000 pictures of Jesus. We planned to order them on Monday at Fedex Kinkos in Albuquerque, but on Monday, at five minutes to closing time, they informed us that they could not print the pictures for us. We immediately looked to Jesus about what to do. Although most shops were closed, we decided to call another printer and we found one who agreed to print them. Not only did he give us a better price, but he came up with a better way to lay them out, which will save us a great deal of time as we process them. That is one thing we have been praying for: to be able to process more pictures, more quickly. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Nicole, Emily, Janet, and Suzanne also gave us money towards the pictures, and we used the monty to order a new laminator to take the place of the one we use now, which is wearing out, forcing us to re-laminate the pictures two or three times. Thank you, Father, and thank you to Nikki, Emily, Janet, and everyone else who is helping us with this wonderful project for Jesus. The Father always said that the pictures should be a group effort of love, and who among us does not love Jesus? He is the reason for our lives, and it is an honor to repay Him with our money, our lives, our service to Him. Every dime we have should go to our bridegroom, for He gave everything for us. Thank you, Brothers and Sisters.

On the healing front: we heard yesterday from our sister, Corinne. We have been praying for her mother who had cancer. Here is what Corinne wrote in yesterday's email: I have very good news. My mother recently found out that her cancer is in remission and the disease has reversed. Thank you, Father, for healing my mother and thank you for your prayers. My family and I are very grateful. I was able to see Jesus' pictures when I visited my mother during the Christmas holidays. They are so beautiful. God bless you for your labor of love. Thank you, Jesus.

Today, Felicia talked to the husband of her friend, Shannon, who had cancer through her whole body. The cancer had spread through her systems, and the doctors told her that she would die. We started praying for her on Nov 26, 2005, and today we learned that there is no longer any cancer in her body! Jesus healed her. Shannon is in the hospital now, because her body is reacting to the treatment that they gave her for cancer. We know that Jesus will help her get well, because He loves her and wants her to live. This is the second person we know who has had a reaction to treatment of cancer, after Jesus took the cancer out of their body. We asked the Father to give the first woman a dream to show her not to take the treatment and He did give her a dream, which influenced her to tell the doctors that she wants to wait before pursuing more treatment, and they have agreed. Thank you, Father!

Yesterday, Therese went to order the laminator. She saw Don, the owner of the business where we get our laminating supplies, who gives us a good price for Jesus' sake. Therese said that she hardly recognized him, because he looked so different. She said she had never seen him look so healthy. Thank you, Father.

We have pictures of Brother Joseph and the Believer's ministry in Ghana on our wall, and we pray for them. (Click here to see a picture of Felicia, Nikki, little Lydia, and Jordan, praying for them.) We also have a picture on the wall of Brother Wahid and his Sunday School students in Pakistan. The Holy Spirit told us to put up pictures of ourselves and others on the wall, and to keep praying for them, and to have the children pray for everyone. This is a wonderful and right way to raise your children, teaching them to think of others and to turn to Jesus for everything. And, our loving Jesus answers our prayers.

We invite each of you to send us a picture, or pictures, of you and your family so we can lay hands on you and pray for you. You can send it by email and we will print it, or you can mail the picture to us at OPERATION JESUS PICTURES PO Box 2987 Moriarty, NM 87035, and we will put it up on the wall, and pray for you. God bless you. Please pray for Silvana, who has had ongoing problem with her back, which is now being treated. Also, pray for her for an outbreak of Bell's Palsy. Jesus, please help her to recover swiftly, with no side effects.