Wednesday, February 23, 2005

PEACE FOREVER and painting the patio green

The Father told us to paint the patio in the front green. Doug picked out the paint and Therese and Char painted it yesterday. In the morning the Father said that we were painting it green for "the spread of freedom". In the afternoon, as we Char and Therese were applying the second coat of paint, Silvana saw on FoxNews (John Gibson's show) the headline, "The spread of freedom". The news story was about President Bush's visit to Europe and his speech in Brussels, Belgium, which we mentioned in the earlier post. We posted a few pictures of the patio online:
In the moonlight, the patio looks like water, and the solar lights by Jesus reflect on the patio, and it looks like a pond, or lake. In the Spirit, Char saw the Father lowering Himself into the patio. Today, the Father showed another vision of Himself going down through the patio with a winch. The winch looked like thick cable and it had a hook on the end. He hooked it to something and dragged it out. Later, He showed that He was bringing Lebanon to freedom. America and her allies will stand with Lebanon as they have their own elections.
Today the Father was showing Silvana also about the Peace Generation, and His call to them. The hook for the peace generation - liberals - to bring them to right thinking, to bring them to where the Father stands for freedom, is the elections themselves in various nations. Although they wrongly oppose any war, they support elections. The Father can use this to show them that sometimes war is necessary, when it is for a just cause, as it is when it is for freedom.


There is a lie from Lucifer to the peace generation:

No blood shed for peace,
Because that is war
And all war is wrong.

The Father answers:

Peace comes
When evil is defeated.
I make war on evil
By bringing freedom to mankind
The cost of freedom and peace is high:
It is blood shed
As it was
For the Prince of Peace Himself.
At the end of evil's defeat
Says the Father
Is peace forever.
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
February 23, 2005