Thursday, February 24, 2005

PEACE FOREVER and movie clips online with more from the Father

Greetings in Jesus' name, our wonderful and wise Bridegroom, who is doing so much to teach and lead us today, as the war between good and evil continues to rage world-wide. Isn't He beautiful, as He brings all nations towards freedom?

Today we posted a short clip with pictures and audio about the Father speaking of the spreading of freedom. Click on link if you would like to watch the short movie with Media Player or with RealPlayer. (It is better in Media Player.)

In February of 2004, the Father said to the Peace Generation: (Click on link to read entire prophecy)"....You have fallen from your stand which had noble attributes, to a place darkened, blind, and grievous to Me. I call you back to love, to good, and to stand again for the right. Open your hearts and eyes, answer My call, generation of peace." He also said that they have come to a place of hate, instead of love.

Yesterday, the Father spoke of them again, and He told us to put out a stone representing the Peace Generation before Him, which we did. Yesterday we posted what He said to them: PEACE FOREVER.

As the Holy Spirit was moving yesterday, showing us of freedom's march, Char Tierney saw a vision of the Father. He had said in the last few days to paint our front patio green (the movie clip shows pictures and has an audio post of Char Tierney speaking about it) and Char saw the green patio, looking as though it were a pond, or another body of water. She saw the Father standing in the middle of the patio, then lower Himself as though He were going underground, or under sea. Then, as He descended she saw in His hands a large cable and winch. The winch had a hook on the end. The Father went down deeper and deeper until He came to the edge of hell itself. (At first she thought He was planning to attach the winch to hell.) He put the hook on something right next to hell and pulled it out. He said after He came up, "The enemy's domain is right next to hell". The Father also made a comment about the hook on the winch in relation to the Peace Generation: He said that the hook to catch them and bring them back is the elections being held world-wide. Although they oppose war, they support elections. Through this, He can bring some back to their senses, to realize that sometimes evil must be opposed, regardless of cost.

In the vision, the Father was bringing something - taking something away - from Satan. Then, Char saw the nation of Lebanon. Afghanistan has been taken from Satan and brought to freedom, Iraq is being taken and given to the people of Iraq for themselves, and now the Father moves, as a thief in the night, to bring freedom to Lebanon as well. Silvana saw into the spirit of the people of Lebanon. Instead of seeing "death to America" in their hearts, she saw that they were looking towards America and the West, saying "Help us". They desire to be free, and they know that America will stand with them, just as the Father promised through President Bush in his State of the Union Address this year. Silvana said that as she looked at them, she saw a ball of light, full of colors, glowing in their spirits. She said that what was in the colors in the light was what is being shown through the elections, from the hearts and spirits of the Ukrainians, the Palestinians, the Afghani people, and the Iraqi people, who all stood courageously for their own freedom.

One of the photos we took yesterday, shows the patio and the house from the street. And in that picture a light appears, casting a reflection of a glowing ball with color on our house. When she saw it, Silvana said that what she saw in the people's spirits did indeed look somewhat like that ball of light. Click here to see photo. The Spirit of Freedom (the Holy Spirit) is actively moving powerfully across the whole world today.

The Father continues to speak every day, pouring out revelation about all that He is doing. He is bringing the world back to Himself, preparing it for Jesus' return, and pushing the enemy, until finally He will capture him entirely and put him in chains. The Father shows many things to us through symbols, (the rock, the green patio etc.) just as He did all throughout the Scriptures. Moses held up his arms, and the battle would go in favor of the Israelis, but if he dropped his arms, the battle would go to the enemy; the prophet Ezekiel lay on his side before the Father for the sake of Israel. (Found in Ezekiel 4:4-8) There are numerous other examples of the Father using symbolism to show His truths, and Jesus Himself followed this pattern while on earth, speaking in many parables. The Bride loves her God and gets to know His voice, whether He speaks with symbols, or directly to her, because she loves Him and wants to hear Him and join Him in His actions, as He moves to bring the whole world to freedom.