Tuesday, December 01, 2009

From the enemy: discouragement. From God: strength and encouragement

Yesterday, Silvana Lupetti saw something from the Holy Spirit concerning the plans of the enemy, who is Satan. She saw his plans to discourage Tea Partiers and patriotic Americans. She saw that what the enemy was putting out in the spirit was the feeling of weariness with the war, with the fight. She saw the feelings come over people that they would wish there was no war, wish there was no fight for good and for freedom. Then, after they were pushed down, she saw him run his hand over the top of them, to keep them down. The message that was given from him with the hand running over them to smooth them down was a lie, and here is the lie that was being said: "Rest. The cause is secure."

Shortly after Silvana described what she saw, I saw Jesus reach out a hand towards a woman on the ground. As He reached towards her, I saw that not only would He pull her to her feet, but that she would feel strength flow into her from Jesus' hand as He lifted her up.

A moment later, I saw the Father reach out and take the woman by the hand. As He pulled her up, I saw a crowd of people pulled to their feet at the same time as she was pulled up, as though they were all attached to each other. The crowd was shaped like the lower 48 states of the USA. Clearly the Father is going to encourage and raise up Americans.

Thank you, Father, and thank you, Holy Spirit, for showing us what is coming and what is at hand. Help Americans to throw off the lie, and to join together and rise up against tyranny and socialism and the assault on our freedom. We are a nation under You, and we ask You to help us to stand, to fight, to endure until the end. We ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus, because He died for our freedom, and He leads the way towards the loving will of God for all mankind.