Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What Robert saw

November 2009

I saw several things over the period of a week and a few days. The first thing I saw was the Father dressed in colonial clothing and standing in a huge stadium and when I say huge I mean as if it could hold the entire world. He came to the center of the stadium which was filled with millions of people and there stood a large tree. The tree had a thick trunk and at the bottom of it where it would be rooted in the ground.... The tree had a foundation or base like a huge slab of stone like it was almost embedded in the ground. Then as the Father stood over the tree it was like he pulled the whole top off. Then only the trunk and the roots were left and I could see small shoots or small branches growing from there. Then from there the Father took the branches off. So as I looked at the new little shoots growing out from the trunk I saw that they were people and some of the people that I saw were Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and people at OJP. The next thing that I saw was all of us, with Jesus at the front leading us. We were moving like an army would move with tents and supplies. And we were going through a very barren and dry area of the land that was pretty vast in size.
In the middle of this barren land we stopped and out of the dry ground rose a huge green plant that looked like something from Jack and the beanstalk. We all stopped to see this large plant and it rose higher higher until it passed out of sight through the clouds and into the heavens. As we were there after a short minute or so I saw a dove descend from the sky where the stalk had gone through and come down to us and in its mouth was an olive branch like in scripture with Noah. We seemed glad to see it and we continued on our way. Then quickly I saw a glimpse of the wedding feast like I had seen it once before with a large table and everything in white.

December 2009

I saw Jesus and I wondered where He was standing so I looked to see. He was standing by a freshly poured cement path. As I looked I could see that the path led to a forest, off in the distance. This is a forest that I saw before and the Father had His arms wrapped around this forest. In Jesus' hands, as He stood by the beginning of the path, were bolts of lightning. Each bolt had prongs at the end, as a fork does, as though Jesus could stick the bolt into the ground and it would stay.

Later, I saw Jesus around my property in Florida, and He was putting flags down around all around the property, as though He were claiming ownership. I saw gold and blue on the flags and a lion in the middle of the flag.
Robert Harrover
Commentary: coming soon