Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Troubles in Pakistan

Pray for Pakistan. There is serious business going on there. There is a coup in the background, waiting to overthrow the pro-western government. Obama has already made some missteps there which certainly doesn't help. However, the real cause behind the trouble there is an unseen enemy. I don't know if the coup will be successful but I know it is a real and serious threat.

Not long ago the Father told us to send "supertracts" to Pakistan, which is two messages put together on one paper. One message is titled, WHERE LIFE BEGINS, and is about the basic fact that we all came from the same Creator and life really begins when you come to know him. We were created for the purpose of friendship with him (like Abraham) and once you start to talk to the one who made you, you enter into a relationship that will never end. Never. Not after you die, not in eternity. It is friendship forever. This perspective changes everything about this earth and about your life. Real life begins. The second message is called JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and is a basic commentary on Jesus being God and coming to take away the penalty of sin so we can come back to the friendship with the Father. The whole tract is simple but deep and true and life-changing. We had plans to print 10,000 in Urdu, each with the powerful picture of Jesus on it, (you feel his presence with is the powerful part) and they were to be distributed in Pakistan. The Holy Spirit told me that they were a "message to the Pakistani Church". They can use encouragement right now, that is certain. Suddenly, there came a rush of opposition from the enemy. The friend (Wahid) who was planning to have the supertracts distributed had troubles. His phone and Internet service was turned off for nonpayment, after he lost his job to another for not being a Muslim. His mother's high blood pressure problems flared up over the situation, causing grave concerns in the family because of the fact they have no money for medicine. And, on a deeper sense, Satan moved to cause disruption in the country and to oppose the USA and anything we might be doing for good in the region. There are serious consequences to his actions. This morning I woke up and I saw something quickly in the spirit. It was Satan and he was in Pakistan and he was in a tank. So, pray for Pakistan. These are fearful times, aren't they? Yes, and there is more to come, but it will pass and things will be set right once more. America and all God's people will be put to the test, but in the end we will prevail, with God's help.