Friday, November 10, 2006

17 year anniversary

Today is the 17 year anniversary of the forty day fast to which the Father called us in 1989. The Father's prophet, Silvana Lupetti, and I, fasted for forty days and then the prophecies in BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION (God's Warning To The Church and God's Word to the Remnant) were given shortly after. The Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully in the earth at that time. The Berlin wall came down the day before the fast started and in just a few months seven nations left the communist bloc. This fast was the starting point for OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.


I saw a countdown from the Father the other day. First I saw 8,9,9, then 10,9,8,7,6. The Holy Spirit woke me up the day after the election to show these numbers to me and to call them "a countdown". This is the first portion of the countdown and then the 5,4,3,2,1 will resume at a time of His choosing.


I was standing against the enemy, who wants to use the election results and the events in the world to bring widespread death. This will call for patient endurance from all of us and a constant connection to the Father. All day I kept seeing Satan's murderous insistence on death, and more death. Why is he so full of violence and murder? I saw the Father looking at the enemy as this question was being asked. He took the enemy by the throat and lifted him in the air and shook him. Something fell out of the clothing on the enemy. It looked like an old fashioned camera, like a black box camera. It fell to the ground with a clunking sound. I don't know what this signifies. In the evening I was sitting at my desk, weary from the day's wrestling over the enemy's nature, and I put my head down at my desk. The Father came and laid His hand gently on my back. I could feel His sympathy. He was glad that I cared.

I thought of what the Father showed about the demons in America who have encouraged women to be liberal, to be immoral, and I said, "I guess this means these demons will be come against". "Yes", said the Father.


The Father said something to Silvana today. "They can't throw Me out of office". To me, this election feels like that. To reject the war on evil, is to reject the Father. It reminds me of the time that the Israelis wanted a king. Though they had the Father to lead them, and prophets that He sent, yet they told the prophet Samuel that they wanted to have a king. Samuel was deeply grieved about it, but the Father told him, "It is not you that they have rejected, but Me". And this seems the same to me. But, the Father is in control and He is absolutely right. They cannot throw Him out, they cannot stop Him as he continues to prepare the world for the return of Jesus.