Thursday, October 19, 2006

Two dreams

Dream from Felicia
October 17, 2006

I dreamt I was in front of a library in Hawaii (it seems like it was in the city, like Honolulu maybe). The library was kind of up high, on a platform, raised above the rest of the city, and the people of the city were down below us, almost like we were overlooking a big street, where the people would walk, and go about doing whatever they were doing. All of the sudden, there was an eruption, from what looked kind of like a volcano, but it had grass growing on it. What shot out from the volcano was some foliage. The first explosion was a big bush with green leaves on it, and it catapulted out of the volcano. The second thing that came out was another bush, but a little bigger. And the third thing was even bigger, a giant tree branch, with a few leaves. As this third branch was falling, and I was watching it catapulted out, and falling with great force down below, to where the people were, I was concerned about the people on the ground, because I knew people would be hurt by it when it fell to the ground, so my first inclination was, let's go see if anybody's hurt, and what can we do to help? In fact, as we were still standing there, in front of the library, a girl walked up the stairs, who had already been hurt on her arm by the falling debris. There were some people at the entrance to the library, watching what was happening, and they started helping her. There was a person in my dream who seemed to be a church person. This man was not even thinking about what was happening, but just kept to himself, pondering his thoughts, even as all this was happening right before our eyes. He really wasn't even noticing.

Dream from Char
October 17, 2006

I dreamt that I climbed up onto a platform that was over a city or over the earth. On this platform, which was in the air over the earth, there was spiritual warfare and I joined a battle that was going on there. At one point as the battle raged there seemed to be a struggle over France and I saw Joan of Arc from the Cloud of Witnesses.

Felicia and I both dreamt on the same night about a platform in the air. She dreamt of a library, which signifies your history, while I dreamt of warfare, and then of warfare over France. What she dreamt, erupting from the earth, seems to have to do with what I saw in the spirit about the struggle between the Father and Satan that was under Hawaii, under the earth. America's history is one of freedom. Is France's freedom at risk? The Holy Spirit will be faithful to show what these dreams mean as we wait on Him.