Friday, May 19, 2006

Letter from Pastor Francis in Rwanda

Hello Char T Praise God, we are very proud of you and
team you are working with to allow God to work in
you in this very wonder full ministry (operation free
Jesus pictures) it is very important here in Rwanda it
touches heart of people to have Intimacy with God and
people too, like David and Jonathan in Bible. in this
year God is visiting RWANDA differently way. we have
hundred days of hope making crusades, seminars, conferences.

All over the country organized by the Rwandan
Christian in friendship with Internationals like
Darien from Australia and Joyce Meyer from USA and
other International preachers who wanted to encourage
hopeless, genocide survivals of 1994 like wise
genocide was done within 100 days, it is from April
to July every year we do remember Genocide this is
days of mourning.

You can see attached photos for Joyce meyer in
national stadium and in church when we was showing
the passion of Christ. surely this is Gods time to
change and Rwandan people even our Government is
supporting those activities of 100 days of hope.

In Rwanda it was good to see your plan (FOUR CORNERS
) showing you showing in web site 17 cities
of Rwanda that we will be working in through showing
Passion of Christ and giving photos of Jesus. I sure
you that you have answered the call of God.

In 15 to 20 we will be in Mutara ,we have seminar of
showing Passion of Christ. We need your prayer it will
be in Easter province.
we have four province in four corners of Rwanda.
*eastern province.
*west province.
*Northern province .
*Southern province.and Kigali city.
This is needs to prayer for.
DVD Pray,
These are the material [equipment's]we have to ask
Jesus to give to us in order to do the work
effectively during our felled work.
Pastor Ntuyahera Francis
Kigali, Rwanda

Joyce Meyer in Rwanda

Watching THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in Pastor Francis' church