Sunday, May 07, 2006


Greetings in Jesus' name. We have posted a report from Brother Kenneth Ezra regarding his trip to Rwanda, which includes pictures that he took during his travels. Thank you so much, Kenneth Ezra. You endured the opposition of the enemy, and carried out your promise to take pictures to a nation deeply wounded by Satan's hand. We have received emails from people in Rwanda thanking us for sending Kenneth to represent OperationJesusPictures and bring the free pictures and the movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST to them. Here is one of the emails we received from Rwanda:

Hello! I praise the Lord for your work! I watched the movie of Jesus Passion and I was touched! Pastor Francis showed it in the church and he invited me to participate. I'm a pastor in African Methodist Episcopal church. I'm married and I've 3 children. We have many parishes in Rwanda, and some in Goma Congo so it would be better if we get more pictures and DVDs of the Passion of Jesus!

We will be sending the Methodist Episcopal pastor 5000 pictures of Jesus and several copies of the film. In another email he offered to translate JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into French, since many people in the area speak the language. Thank you, Father, and bless each person who receives Your Son's picture, and hears the good news that they can know You. Last week we sent a package of 5000+ pictures to Pastor Francis in Kigali, and today we sent two more packets with pictures (each with a DVD of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST) to two college students in Kigali.

The Father has continued to speak of Rwanda. He has a plan for Rwanda to receive the pictures of Jesus and the film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in every major city. We have a map that lists 17 major cities, (including Kigali) to which we want to send the free pictures of Jesus. Click here to see the map, and a list of cities that the Father is using to reach out to all of Rwanda. The Father said that as the pictures get sent into the towns, they will spread throughout the whole nation of Rwanda, into every corner, every nook and cranny, with the help of the Holy Spirit. (These 17 cities are not all the cities of Rwanda, but they are the ones pointed out by the Father in this mission to Rwanda.)

The plan is to get 5000 free pictures of Jesus and 10 DVDs of the PASSION OF THE CHRIST into each of the cities named. There are 17 (the number of new beginnings) cities in all on the map. In the center is Kigali, where Kenneth Ezra already brought the pictures of Jesus. That leaves 16 cities remaining to receive pictures. 4x4=16. The Father said that the four represents the four corners of Rwanda. He calls His plan THE FOUR CORNERS OF RWANDA. We will contact the two pastors we know in Rwanda so far, and ask them if they have contacts in any of those cities. Also we plan to write to Paul Rusesabagina, the heroic hotel manager of the movie HOTEL RWANDA fame, which whom Therese Cooper spoke in Albuquerque, to see if he has any contacts as well.

As the Father's spoke of His plan, He showed the significance of Rwanda in the larger scene of the war against evil. Rwanda represents what the enemy wants for the world, and what the enemy has done in the world. Satan spoke through the radio in Rwanda with no opposition and was able to incite the murder of nearly a million people in an incredibly short period of time; 100 days. Satan desires to speak to every nation, and every ear, with his hatred, his violence, his vile nature, and he wishes to thereby have Jesus return to a mountain of corpses all across the world.

In the meantime, the Father is moving Himself, with His presence to the nations of the earth. He is using the film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and the anointed pictures of Jesus that we send. The Father shows how He wants to heal and bring Jesus to Rwanda, just as He wishes to bring healing to the whole world. The Father is answering the suffering He sees, with this plan. Once anyone starts to call out to Jesus, HE WILL ANSWER and He will heal and supply their needs. THAT IS HIS PROMISE.

Please pray for us. We have many costs ahead of us. We need to pay the printer for the pictures $1,200 for the last batch of pictures, and then we need $1,700 for a new printing. If we send 16 cities 5000 pictures each, that is 80,000 pictures. (Plus we will be sending smaller packets of pictures to individual requests from Rwanda.) To mail the package to Pastor Francis in Kigali was $91.15, so we have a general idea of what it will cost to mail each package. We cannot do this alone and the Father appeals to you to help us. Click here to read what the Holy Spirit said to Char Tierney about tithing, donations, and vacations plans. We want to thank everyone who had helped so far with donations for sending out the pictures of Jesus.

See the plan of the Father, and His love in offering it. Rwanda, the suffering nation, represents the suffering world, in a war against evil, which is both physical and spiritual. Satan moved in Rwanda with deadly results. Rwanda is basically a Christian nation, with over 90% of the nation either Catholic or Protestant. So are there also many Christians in the world, yet Satan moves among us with murder and malice and great suffering to many. Fierce struggles are coming to the world, as the reign of the false god of this earth draws to an end, and great will be the suffering of many. Join the Father, in reaching out to Rwanda, to show His own solution: healing through the blood and the love of His Son, Jesus.

As we were waiting on the Father, as He was revealing this plan to His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, the Apostle Char Tierney saw the Father and heard Him say, "Rwanda is Mine". The Father is making a statement to the enemy, and making clear His intentions for good. Where are you in the war?


No bystanders in My army,"
says the Father.
"This is your world. I gave it to you.
You must stand with Me to help Me in this war."

"I speak to My body
I travel through paths of warfare
I engage and push back the enemy
who seeks your destruction
While evil shouts its presence
and moves in the earth with death its intent
I call to you
Be silent no more
Be inactive no more
His sacrifice deserves more."

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
August 16, 2004

In Jesus, our Commander in Chief, who laid down His life for His sheep,

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
May 6, 2006