Friday, April 22, 2005

Sketch of force field around the earth to keep demons from going wherever they want in space

Click on picture for larger view.

This is a brief sketch of what I saw when the Holy Spirit took me to the New Jerusalem. I was surprised when I discovered that the New Jerusalem is in space, but the Holy Spirit said, "Well it had to be somewhere". That's true. The other city I heard called, "Celestial City". It was shining, like the streets and buildings were made of diamonds. The New Jerusalem was gleaming like gold, with skyscrapers. We passed through space, out of our solar system to get there. We passed through some demons who tried to hinder us. As we went by them, I felt unbelief being launched at me. Then we crossed a clear force field that kept them close to earth. They cannot simply leave. I saw that the Celestial City had angels all over inside it. It was very close to heaven, near the edge of heaven. Paradise was next to heaven, connected, a part of heaven. The Father's throne room and house is in heaven itself. Posted by Hello
This confinement to earth affects Satan and all the demon's outlook. They do not see what the Father sees. They see self and what is happening to them, just as they try to bring man to the same narrow outlook and selfish concerns.