Monday, February 14, 2005

From February 13, 14, 2005

The Father has been speaking of China. He showed the strongman once again, and then showed the people and why they are as they are, under his influence. We put a rock out before Jesus (to the right of the Iran rock and the rock that Jesus stands on) for the people of China. We are praying for them. We see the Chinese leadership and how much needs to be done to oppose them, to bring their people to freedom. There is a card that the Father holds in His hands, which He can use if He chooses, and that card is drought. Just as He brought physical problems to Egypt for the sake of Israel, He can bring physical problems to nations for the sake of freedom. He will know the wise and good thing to do, for He is leading this march towards freedom.
The Father spoke also today of suicide. There is a suicide in America every 17 minutes. That is twice the rate of homicide. The Father cares deeply for the despairing. He sees their pain and grieves for them, and wants to bring Jesus to them; to bring hope to them. The Father says to us, "Go forward". He wants us to prepare the RV and to go out, and He will lead us to the suicidal and despairing.
Char saw a building in the spirit, and it represented CNN. It shook, and then it shook so greatly that it looked as though it might implode and collapse. The Father is not going to allow this scandal about Eason Jordan to pass. What was CNN doing by having such an anti-American liberal in charge of their news department? The media must come to the truth, or be shown to be liars and underminers. What is happening with this is the same as is happening in Fallujah, in Iraq, and all over the world: the Father is separating the tares from the wheat before our eyes.
Pray for people every day. As the Father moves, the enemy moves with anger and frustration. He is lethal. Pray for one another, daily. It is important.